Level 1 Elearning

Level 1 Elearning is the simplest, most basic and cheapest level of elearning.  This level has audio and very limited interaction – generally the user can only move forward or backward.

This level of elearning is great for short pieces of content.  It also works well to get new information out to a large audience and record that they have viewed the content.  A slide at the end where the learner acknowledges that they have read and understood the content is common.  It is also quicker to move through the content as most people read more quickly than they listen to the spoken word.

The disadvantage of this level of elearning is that it is not very engaging, especially in longer courses.  People can be tempted to click through courses as fast as possible, missing important information.  Including an assessment may help with this.  The other disadvantage is that this level does not cater to auditory learners or people who may have literacy issues.

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