Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Course Content

This course runs in four sections. Click each arrow to expand details of each section.
  • Hazard Definition
  • Basic Hazard Identification Activities
  • Risk Definition
  • Risk Examples

Run time approximately 10 minutes

  • Basic risk assessment process
  • Levels of risk
  • Consequence definition and examples
  • Likelihood definition and examples
  • Consequence and likelihood activities

Run time approximately 15 minutes

  • Workplace risk assessment process
  • Likelihood tables
  • Consequence tables
  • Multiple consequences
  • Using the risk ranking matrix
  • ¬†Risk ranking activities
  • Acceptable levels of risk

Run time approximately 15 minutes

  • Control measure definition
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Hierarchy of controls activities
  • Residual risk
  • Implementing and monitoring controls
  • The standard you set

Run time approximately 25 minutes

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